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Overlapping Beer label designs

Rooftop Craft
Beer Design

Given only a name of a craft beer, a lifestyle and experience concept was created for the brand. The Rooftop brand exudes class and excellence. This is an upscale craft beer that could be fit for any rooftop party — a night in the stars, celebrating like its the 1920s again. Inspired by art deco styles and line work, colors and architectural lines were chosen to make one feel like they are up in the stars on a clear night, enjoying a rooftop party, and the atmosphere around them. A full bottle, a 4-pack, a 12-pack, bottle opener, and glass were designed to represent the brand.

12-pack label design Glass etching label design

"Rooftop is the classiest of craft beers. Just one sip will take you to another world, a rooftop party in the stars. A pale ale with the finest color and exquisite taste, Rooftop is a beer that is upscale enough for any party!"

Bottle label detail Neck label detail 4-pack label detail
Full front label detail Full back label detail
Illustration detail