12 Musketeers Calendar July 2017

Every year fellow alumni Reka Juhasz hand selects 12 designers who have graduated from The Modern College of Design to collaborate on an illustrative letterpress calendar. The concept behind the 2017 calendar year was duality, shown in the dual designs that are revealed with different colored gel. 
I was one of the chosen designers and I picked the month of July as my month to design. I went with the concept of rising and falling. The great Roman general, Julius Caesar was born in July. He is often remarked as one of the greatest generals in human history, yet he brought down the Roman Republic. From this unforeseen assassination, the Roman Empire was born. As eras might fall and come to an end, great new ones will begin and rise from it as well. 
Creative/Art Director: Reka Juhasz
July Illustration: Sydney Rose
Photographer: Glass Cactus Photography - Cody Brown
12 Musketeers
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